Herman Baumbach



Herman Baumbach was born near Grästorp and is commonly referred to as the most famous perpetual student. He came to Uppsala in 1876 and completed his Bachelors at 61 years of age after 84 terms of studies. He belonged to the Västgöta nation from 1876 until his death in 1931. 

Pencil drawing of Herman Baumbach, drawn by Carl Lindorm Möllersvärd. Photo: UUB.

Booklet with 20 drawings made by the artist Lindorm Möllerswärd. The motifs are famous profiles in Uppsala, including Herman Baumbach. Photo: Anja Szyszkiewicz / Upplandsmuseet.

Baumbach focused his studies on Latin, German and English and he achieved high grades. With a bowler hat, big overcoat and screaky galoshes, Baumbach became a sight in the city.


Burial site: 0119-1013

Image description: Herman Baumbach, Uppsala ca 1876-ca 1885. Photo: Heinrich Osti / UUB. [The image is cropped]
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