Ulla-Bella Fridh



Ulla-Bella Fridh, whose full name was Anna Ulla-Britt Fridh-Gabrielsson, debuted in 1947 as Ice Princess in Gustav Wally's ice cabaret. She also played at the student theatre at the Södermanland-Nerikes Nation and attended theatre school at the Gothenburg City Theatre from 1949 to 1952.

Together with Owe Törnqvist and Rune Ek she participated in Sommarrevyer and worked at the Vasa Theatre in Stockholm with Karl-Gerhard 1952 – 1954.

She also starred in several television programmes and films, and was employed at Uppsala Stadsteater from 1964 to 1980.


Burial site: 0322-1802

Image description : Ulla-Bella Fridh, Uppsala, 1951 at Fyrisån. Photo: EC / Sjöberg bildbyrå. [ The image is cropped ]
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