Gösta Knutsson


Author, worked in radio

Gösta Knutsson came to Uppsala in 1927 and became a MA in Latin and Classical archaeology in 1931. He was the chairman of the choir Allmänna sången 1959–1970 and Secretary of the choir OD.

As chairman of the Student Union in 1936–1938, Knutsson became the seat representative and announcer of the radio service in Uppsala and began his career in Sveriges radio.

As a radio man, Knutsson was primarily known as the organizer of a quiz that for a long time was one of Sveriges radio's biggest successes. The program "Who knows what" began to be broadcast in 1939 together with Gösta Knutsson's co-worker "the know all" Einar Haglund.

First edition of Pelle Svanslös and Dachshund Max from 1944, published by Bonniers Children's library. Photo: Upplandsmuseet .

Gösta Knutsson At the desk, Uppsala 1942. Photo: Gunnar Sundgren UUB.

For several decades, Knutsson led a series of popular entertainment programs, such as The magazine of the month, The unprepared speakers Club, The tricky club, and even programs for the youngest radio listeners.

At the same time as he worked in radio, Knutsson became one of Sweden's most famous children's book authors. In 1939, he published the children's book Pelle No-tail on Adventure, which was a huge success and was translated into ten languages. The book started a series of twelve books with Pelle, Maja, Bill and Bull, nasty Måns and the other cats.


Burial site: 0148-1908B

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