Topper Martyn


Artist, juggler

Victor Clifton Martyn, known as Topper Martyn, was born in England and was a juggler and illusionist. In the 1960s, Martyn settled in Uppsala with his wife.

Topper Martyn made his stage debut in 1938 as a juggler and had a mixed program with elements of juggling, comedy and magic. Martyn received several awards for his artistry. In 1970 he became the world champion of comical magic in Amsterdam.

In 1996, Martyn was honored with the English Carlton Comedy Prize. He has received the French award Mandrake d'or and a gold medal by Asahi Television (Japan).

In addition to performing in 30 different countries, he played the wizard's role in the children's musical Alfons and the Wizard, based on Gunilla Bergström's book Hokus Pokus Alfons Åberg. Topper Martyn also appeared in TV productions, such as SVT's Christmas calendar from 1984 – Julstrul with Staffan & Bengt.


Burial site: 0406-0001 (Memorial grove, The Old cemetery)

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Lasse Eriksson


Artist, author.

Lars "Lasse" Eriksson was born in Piteå, and moved to Uppsala at a young age.

He began his theatre career in the 1970s when he played with the Panic Theatre in Uppsala.

For the TV audience, Eriksson was known at the beginning of the 1980s with his reflections and as a host in various entertainment programs.

Eriksson was also known as comedian and also published several books. In addition to his participation in a number of anthologies, he published humorous books, such as the Norrbottnian Satanic Verses (2006) and In the head of a troubled comedian (2011).

Lasse Eriksson died on stage during a performance at the Regina Theater in Uppsala.


Burial site: 0157-0275

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