Lasse Eriksson


Artist, author.

Lars "Lasse" Eriksson was born in Piteå, and moved to Uppsala at a young age.

He began his theatre career in the 1970s when he played with the Panic Theatre in Uppsala.

For the TV audience, Eriksson was known at the beginning of the 1980s with his reflections and as a host in various entertainment programs.

Eriksson was also known as comedian and also published several books. In addition to his participation in a number of anthologies, he published humorous books, such as the Norrbottnian Satanic Verses (2006) and In the head of a troubled comedian (2011).

Lasse Eriksson died on stage during a performance at the Regina Theater in Uppsala.


Burial site: 0157-0275

Image description : Lasse Eriksson, unknown year. Photo: Anders Tukler. [ The image is cropped ]
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