A greeting from the cemetery manager

Welcome to our website which introduces you to celebrities buried at the old cemetery in Uppsala!

The cemetery environment is special. It is a resting place for the deceased and an asset for visitors. It is also a place for memories with high historical and cultural value. It is a beautiful and dignified place for those seeking tranquillity and reflection.

What you see on the website is the result of an inventory work carried out by Jarl Tjernquist during 2016-2017 as well as a website and film work carried out by Henrik Zetterberg. The audio and video guided cemetery walk is the result of a collaboration with Uppsala City Theatre.

The term "celebrities" may be reminiscent of artists, authors, musicians and actors. In this case, we have broadened the definition to include people who had an impact in the society they lived and worked in.

The selection of celebrities has been made in collaboration with the Upplandsmuseet (Uppsala county museum) and the website is under continuous development and more people will be added.

The Church of Sweden has gained the trust of society to manage the cemeteries. Uppsala Cemeteries manage the city cemeteries and funeral activities for uppsala city, regardless of membership or outlook on life. We shall do this in a sustainable way for the environment and biodiversity, while also nurturing cultural heritage.

We hope that the website will offer you the opportunity to visit the old cemetery in Uppsala – one of six city cemeteries in Uppsala we actively take care of. That you may remember the deceased and at the same time can read more about the interesting people who are buried at the old cemetery in Uppsala.

Many thanks to all the relatives and friends, who contributed with photographs and documentation to the website.


Eva-Karin Claesson, cemetery Manager.


Look for the pink marking on the grave's care stick

Many of the burial sites at the Old Cemetery have an associated care stick.

If the aluminum sticker has a pink marking, it means that one or more buried persons at that grave site are included on this page. If the marker has two pink markings, it is also included in a audio and video guided walk.

Here you can read more about what the stick's numbers and color markings mean.