Alfred Dahlgren



Alfred Dahlgren learned photography in Germany and with photographer Dahllöf in Stockholm. In 1890 he established his own studio at Dragarbrunnsgatan 48 in Uppsala where he worked as a portrait photographer.

Uppsala City Council decided in 1901 that the city should be photodocumented and Dahlgren was commissioned to take the 350 pictures that would be delivered in two hardcover albums.

On weekdays he worked in the studio and early Sunday mornings, when the city was empty, he went out to take his pictures. After a year, the photographs were handed over to the city council.

The bridge in Uppsala, adorned in connection with the Linnaeus Jubilee 1907. Photo: Alfred Dahlgren / Uppsala University Library.

Sledding through King Jan's Gate at the castle in Uppsala, around 1890. Photo: Alfred Dahlgren / Uppsala University Library.

In 1908, he was instructed to complete the documentation with pictures of the city's outskirts and yards from Old Town yards. The same year, however, Alfred Dahlgren died and his last pictures came to be handed over by his widow.

A total of 540 glass negatives can be found in Upplandsmuseet's (Uppsala county museum) possession and the two albums of the photographs can be found at Uppsala City Library. The photographs are a remarkable treasure, both culturally and historically.


Burial site: 0125-1150B

Image description: Alfred Dahlgren ca 1900. Photo: UUB. [The image is cropped]
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