Henri Osti



Heinrich Osti, known as Henri, was born in Berlin and was the son of a band weaver from Italy.

Osti emigrated to Sweden at the age of 26 and in 1856 he began his photographic career in Stockholm. Three years later he opened a photo studio on Kungsgatan in Uppsala. The studio later moved to shoemaker Sven Anders Hägg's farm between Östra Ågatan and Gräsgränd (the park at present Bangårdsgatan) and eventually to Jervingska gården at Kungsgatan 55.

Heinrich Osti was for many years the city's leading photographer and won several prizes for his photographs and together with meteorologist Hugo Hildebrandsson he also photographed cloud formations for scientific purposes.

His collection of glass negatives with 16,000 images provides a broad record of the urban settlements of the time and the population of the city. The collection is a remarkable cultural-historical treasure that is preserved at Uppsala University Library.


Burial site: 0108-0450

Image description: Heinrich Osti, Uppsala 1860. Photo: Heinrich Osti / UUB. [The image is cropped]
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