Ingrid Årfelt


Artist, printmaker.

After studying at Edwin Ollers Painting School and Art Academy, Ingrid Årfelt came to the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in 1941.

At the academy, she participated in the teaching of graphic arts and in the division of Sculpture from 1946–1948.

In 1956 Årfelt obtained a scholarship from the Italian state and was staying a period in Rome at the Accademia degli Stanieri.

Årfelt has among other things worked with portraits, figure compositions and landscapes. Her work is performed in woodcuts, Drypoint, aquatint, linoleum and pastel. Årfelt gave in 1962 a set version of the Babylonian Gilgamesh, a work that attracted a lot of attention.

Since 2008, Upplandsmuseet has been home to a wrought-iron work by Ingrid Årfelt from 1963, inspired by the folk life around the old "Rullan" restaurant in Uppsala. The artwork depicts and romanticizes an era that was wiped out by demolition and new construction.

Ingrid Årfelt is represented at several museums, for example the National museum and Stockholm City Museum.


Burial site: 0157-0262

Image description: Ingrid Årfelt in her studio with one of her "shell-shaped" sculptures. Photo: From private collection. [The image is cropped]
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