Olof Eneroth


Author, pomologist.

Olof Eneroth is regarded as groundbreaking in Swedish horticulture and has been called "the father of Swedish Pomology".

Eneroth devoted himself in his horticulture for the study of various apple. As director of the Swedish Garden association School and its gardens between 1858–1863 worked for the development of garden art and for gardening to be introduced as subject at elementary schools, seminars and agricultural schools.

Between 1864–1866 Eneroth published Handbook in Swedish Pomology.

He also worked for a good education in elementary school and in the work about elementary schools in Sweden (1863 – 1869), he developed his ideas.

Eneroth bequeathed a significant amount of money to Stockholm University for the establishment of a professorship in pedagogy.


Burial site: 0115-0818

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