Ragni Kjellberg



Ragni Kjellberg was director of "Magdeburg" (Elementarläroverket for girls) and its principal from 1942 to 1969. She was also president of Fyrisgården and in the Professional Women's Association.

In Kjellberg's memory, a memorial fund was instituted in her name for students with artistic talent.


Burial site: 0155-0236

Image description: Ragni Kjellberg, third from the left, Uppsala 1934 at the 17th general girls' school meeting in Uppsala. Published in Upsala Nya Tidning. From the left Headmaster Josef Lundén, Miss Karin Winroth and Mrs Ragni Kjellberg, Principal Sven Graners, Principal Karin Akselsson, Principals Martha Grönvall and Thyra Kullgren, and the teaching councils Nils Hänninger and August Johansson. Photo: Paul Sandberg / Upplandsmuseet . [The image is cropped]
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