Carl Hård



Carl Hård was born at Jällsta Gård in Viikki Parish and was at 20 years of age lieutenant at Upplands Regement. He participated in the Finnish War in 1788–1790 and distinguished himself in the first Battle of Swedish strait 1789. The following year, Hård participated in the Battle of Fredrikshamn, a battle where King Gustavus III took command.

As major Hård participated in the Siege of Stralsund 1807, of Lier's sconce 1808 in Norway and in the defense of Sävar and Ratan 1809. At the Battle of Leipzig 1813 he acted as Lieutenant Colonel and was then appointed colonel of the Army. He then participated in the march to Brussels and in the campaign to Norway.

Carl Hård became Major-general in 1822 and resignated in 1835. In addition to his military career, he was an a rt collector. In his last years in life he lived in Uppsala near Fyrisån (later Ofvandalska Gården). In Uppsala he spent time in the academic circles around Geijer and Atterbom.

Hård's art collection, consisting of about a hundred oil paintings, was later donated to Uppsala University. The donation laid the foundations for Uppsala University's art museum.


Burial site: 0103-0177

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