Edvard Raab


Chief constable, Baron, district court judge.

Edward Raab became chief of police in Uppsala in 1879 and died on his post.

However, his notoriety, which reached far beyond the borders of Uppsala, is not so much based on police deeds but more on Raab's linguistic somersaults and statements which wasn't thaught through. Albert Engström immortalized Raab through many stories and drawings in the magazine Strix.

Much of what police chief Raab is said to be the author of is obviously enhanced by others. However, there are ordinances and decrees from his pen, which demonstrate originality.

For example, it was laid down in an order regarding the street maintenance:

"When new snow has fallen, the old snow must first desposed of".

A crime scene investigation concluded: "Judging by the size of the hole in the plane, the number of burglars seemed to have been just one." In instructions for handling anonymous letters, it was stipulated: "Anonymous letters shall be returned to the sender".

Edward Raab, described as honest, good and beneficial, often went dressed in his police master's uniform. Rabb was convivial, paternal and popular was among students, although they occasionally spent nights in custody.

In the foreground to right police chief Raab, behind him Constable Sandgren, at Uppsala Cathedral in connection of the 300 anniversary of Uppsala meeting, 1893. Photographer: Heinrich Osti / Uppsala University Library.

Police the years XII: 5. At Linneanum in the Botanical Garden in Uppsala about 1880-approx. 1901, police chief Raab. Several of the police officers ' names are recorded on the back of the mounting sheet. Photographer: Alfred Dahlgren/UUB.

Burial site: 0116-0836

Image description: Edvard Raab, Uppsala 1882. Photo: Heinrich Osti / UUB. [The image is cropped]
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