Ellen Hagen


Figure in the women's rights movement, publisher and politician.

Ellen Hagen initiated the formation of uppsala women's suffrage association in 1902 and was its president until 1923. Hagen was one of the foremost in the work for voting rights for women in Sweden. She was married to Robert Hagen, governor of Gävleborg County from 1918 to 1922.

She was also one of the initiators of the country Association for the woman's political suffrage, as well as one of the founders of Liberal women 1914. Hagen was chairman of the Liberal Party Women's Association 1938 – 1946 and for the Swedish Women's Union of Citizens 1936–1963.

Ellen Hagen also participated in international peace and voice-law work and was a Swedish delegate at the Disarmament Conference in Paris in 1931.


Burial site: 0103-1967

Image description: Ellen Hagen, unknown year. Photo: Gävleborg County Museum. [The image is cropped]
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