Greta Gahn


Textile artist.

After studying at the Higher School of Art and the Scuola di Tessitura in Milan, Greta Gahn was the director and artistic director of the hand-work friends from 1931 to 1951.

During the war years and the time thereafter, it was mainly Gahn in collaboration with Alf Munthe who responded for most of the monumental textile art in churches and public buildings.

She was also together with Munthe co-owner of Lekattgården, a workshop for tissue and embroidery. Greta Gahns Artistic judgement and technical know-how was crucial to Munthe's textile works.


Burial site: 0118-0928

Image description: Greta Gahn, unknown year. Photo: Margit Karlson / Leksands Local History archive. Leksands-Culture House [The image is cropped]
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