Gusten Widerbäck



Gusten (Erik Gustaf) Widerbäck is Uppsala's and the plain of the province Uppland own artist, but he was born in southern Vi in Kalmar County.

He began to study music for Ruben Liljefors, but was by Rubens ' brother Bruno encouraged to devote himself to the oil painting that gave him support and help. Widerbäck received his formal education at the Art Academy 1899 and at the Swedish Artist Association's school 1900.

After the art studies in Stockholm, Widerbäck returned to the childhood city of Uppsala. Widerbäck moved in 1918 to Årsta just east of Uppsala and lived there until his death in 1970.

Throughout his career he depicted the plain and the city. Widerbäcks art is characterized by the mood of national romanticism and he dedicated his artistry to the plain, the trees and the houses.

Widerbäck spent a lot of time with Olof Thunman and Manne Ihran and had exhibitions in Uppsala, Gävle, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Just before his death, he donated a large number of sketches, drawings, watercolours and gouaches to the Upplands Art Museum. Gusten Widerbäck is represented at the National Museum, Kalmar, Uppsala University Library and Uppsala Art Society.

Lithography. A view of the landscape – Uppsala from the south with Uppsala Castle and Uppsala Cathedral in the background. Gusten Widerbäck 1922. Photo: Olle Norling / Upplandsmuseet.

Gusten Widerbäck at work in Uppsala August 1958. Photo: Uppsala-Bild / Upplandsmuseet.


Burial site: 0154-0142

Image description: Gusten Widerbäck, Uppsala 1945. Photo: Gunnar Sundgren / UUB [The image is cropped].
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