Ingegerd Beskow



Ingegerd Beskow went after her studies for Carl Wilhelmsson at Valand Painting School between 1907 and 1909 to Paris, where she became a pupil of Henri Matisse and Maurice Denis.

Beskow was a skilled watercolour painter and also painted in oil in a muted black coloring. Between 1926 and 1950, she exhibited her art in several major Swedish cities. The motifs were often landscapes, drawn from cities such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Växjö and others.

Photography from 1943 at Växjö Gymnasium's 300 anniversary. The picture shows Ingegerd and (probably) Bishop's wife Brilioth on the way into the cathedral. Photo: Yngve Andersson / Culture Park Småland / Småland Museum.

Oil painting on canvas performed by Ingegerd in 1937. The painting depicts the Växjö Cathedral seen from Ingelstadsvägen, with the Karoliner house in front. Photo: The Culture Park Småland / Småland Museum.

Burial site: 0152-0057

Image description: Ingegerd Beskow paints on one of the paintings at the exhibition at Smålands Museum in 1944. Photo: Jan Erik Anderbjörk / kulturparken Småland / Smålands Museum. [The image is cropped]
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