Mathilde Wigert-Österlund



Mathilde Wigert-Österlund studied at the Academy of Arts in 1896–1902 and conducted studies in Paris in 1903–1904. During her studies, she met her husband, the artist Johan Österlund, and the couple moved to Uppsala in 1908.

Wigert-Österlund's early paintings was characterized by romantic mood pictures to later become more expressive and emotional. A motive circuit that increasingly became characteristic of her later art direction was those of emotional tension embossed church interiors.

Wigert-Österlund painted, among other things, a suite of headstones in Uppsala Cathedral, interior from Rasbo Church and church interior from Bro on Gotland.

Later in life, Mathilde Wigert-Österlund suffered several severe psychiatric disorders and was cared for during periods at Ulleråker Hospital. She also published books and committed herself to improving the conditions of the mentally ill.

Mathilde Wigert -Österlund at Staffliet. John Österlund and Lilly Wigert At the parasol. The picture was taken about 1905, Vaxholm. Photo: Unknown photographer/UUB. Provenance: Christina Backman.

Female pupils in the Academy of Fine Arts 1897-1898. Mathilde appears at the front standing on his knees. Others in the photograph are T. Wrede, S. Sonntag, Eva Befve, K. Hult, G. Palm, Kjellberg and L. Lindberg. In the background a male artist model. Photo: Unknown photographer/UUB. Provenance: Christina Backman.


Burial site: 0113-0742

Image description: Mathilde Wigert-Österlund at the easel about 1900. Photo: Unknown photographer / UUB. Provenance: Christina Backman. [The image is cropped]
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