Viktor Persson


Antiquarian bookseller.

Viktor Persson, nicknamed "Book Viktor", was a famous bookseller and a well-known Uppsala profile. Viktor Persson lived on Övre Slottsgatan in Uppsala and in the small apartment he shared the space with his aquariums and many books.

He established, with the support of his father archaeologist Axel W Persson, in the 1950s a bookstore on Drottninggatan 3 near the political knot called Bokfenix, which became a meeting point for book friends and students. This led to Persson becoming known as "Book-Viktor" and in several ways he lived up to the name because he had a large collection, and also knew exactly where the books were placed.

Viktor Persson in his bookstore on Drottninggatan in Uppsala. Photo: Rolf Maryam. Retrieved from a almanac printed by RK Press 2003.

Viktor Persson in his "second" Bokfenix. Photo: From private collection.

Persson published some joke books and other curiosities in miniature on his own publishing and the best-seller was Swedish invective (1963), a swearing list that for three years was sold in seven editions.

In May 1980, the 1800-century building that housed the bookshop was burned down, however the most valuable books escaped the flames. Bokfenix eventually moved to the corner Skolgatan-Rundelsgränd.


Burial site: 0310-0274

Image description: Viktor Persson outside his antiquarian bookshop at Drottninggatan in Uppsala, probably 1950-1960's. Photo: From private collection. [The image is cropped]
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