Vivi Täckholm


Botanist, writer.

Vivi Täckholm studied at Stockholm University and conducted botanical studies in Berlin, London and Geneva.

In 1926 she moved together with her husband, Botanist Professor Gunnar Täckholm, to Cairo and together mapped the plant world of Egypt.

After her husband's death in 1933, she completed the work of Flora of Egypt , which was released in four parts, Part 1 (1941), Part 2 (1944), Part 3 (1954) and Part 4 (1966). In 1946 Täckholm became professor of Botany at the University of Cairo and lived there for most of her life.

Täckholm also published a number of popular botanical works, such as the Pharaoh's Flower (1951), Egypt in close-up (1964), the Desert Blossoms (1969) and the Fairytale Minarets (1971).

Vivi Täckholm also wrote children's books, such as the saga of Snipp Snapp Snorum (1926) and Lillan's journey to the Moon (1976). In the 1960s, Täckholm also received a lot of attention through several television programs.


Burial site: 0131-1356

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