Ester Bobeck



Ester Bobeck was called "The Tobacco Queen of Uppsala" and started tobacco trade first in 1908 at Östra Ågatan 27. Remarkably, Ester Bobeck did this at 18 years of age. Bobeck married in 1914 to the officer Otto Bobeck.

She had a aptitude for business and ran the first store alone, which became a meeting point for Uppsala's students. The students came to Bobecks shop to smoke cigar and discuss.

Four years later, on Östra Ågatan 59 in "Seven Hell's Openings", the second store was opened, which ran until 1935 when the house was demolished. The store was well placed because Flustret, the University Hospital and the regiments at Polacksbacken were nearby. Also, Uppsala Harbour was located next to. In connection with the demolition of the house, the tobacco shop was saved for some time in the so-called seventh opening.

Ester Bobecks (then Ericsson) first tobacco store at Östra Ågatan 27 in Uppsala. Photo: From private collection.

"Seventh opening" at Östra Ågatan 59 in Uppsala 1936. Photo: Gunnar Sund / Upplandsmuseet.

In 1964 a Tobacco Shop was established at Fyris Square in the Phoenix House. Then Carl Perschel Barowiaks tobacco shop was taken over.

During these years, shops were also opened at Dragarbrunnsgatan 26, Kungsängsgatan 8, Drottninggatan 8 and Skolgatan 8. Bobeck was also one of the first members of the Swedish Tobacco Dealers' Association and was awarded the association's gold medal in 1964.


Burial site: 0102-0136

Image description: Ester Bobeck in store, unknown year. Photo: From private collection. [The image is cropped]
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